Cleaning Your Uashmama Products
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Cleaning Your Uashmama Products

Cleaning Your Uashmama Products

Yes, it really is washable paper!

A foreign concept to many, our washable paper is indeed washable!

Our signature washable AGGO paper is water resistant. A simple rain shower is not enough to cause damage to our bags. They are designed to be soaked and washed for cleaning. Our paper is very strong! Think of it like a strong organic canvas. The fibers are bound together during the treatment process, making the paper act more like a fabric than a paper.

How Do I Wash?

Products without leather are hand washable. Wash them with warm water using a mild soap or detergent and simply reshape before drying. Products with leather can be hand washed the same way, just be sure to avoid the leather handles/accents.

Our sealed or coated paper (Luxe or TEC paper) is very low maintenance, and a simple wipe now and again is all it needs. Just have a little scuff mark or small stain? Spot cleaning is extremely effective. However, before applying water or cleaning solutions use a simple clean pencil eraser for light scuff marks and dirt. To remove harder stains, soaking, spot cleaning or dry cleaning can be used.

Wash them with warm water using a mild soap or detergent and simply reshape before drying.

While we have had loyal UASHMAMA customers tell us they have washed their bags in a washing machine with great success, we do not recommend this. Spot treating and hand washing is generally adequate.

The thought of putting your beautiful handbag under the faucet to soak, we realize can be terrifying, but we assure you our bags are designed to withstand water and cleaning!

Written by UASHMAMA Team

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AT - August 27, 2023

rubbing alcohol works on ink

Ann Lefever - December 29, 2022

LOVE your bags….bought one for my daughter (to get mine back which she kept borrowing…).
Unfortunately a pen exploded inside my Totty Handbag. A little of the blue ink bled through to the exterior. Mild soap and water has lightened (and slightly spread) the ink spot. Is there any other cleaner that I can use that is better for ink?
Many thanks!

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