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  • Better Than Leather
    September 19, 2022 The UASHMAMA Team

    Better Than Leather

    UASHMAMA founder, Marco Marconi, has developed an innovative way to enhance and strengthen our signature AGGO washable paper. The end result is a beautifully crafted woven material that is 100% leather free but has the durability, look, and feel of...

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  • Repurposing the Paniere
    September 8, 2022 UASHMAMA Team

    Repurposing the Paniere

    Combining functionality, convenience & innovative design to help you find joy and beauty in a sustainable lifestyle, is what’s at the heart of UASHMAMA. Embracing a lifestyle that aims to reduce waste, excess and stress without sacrificing beauty, quality and...

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  • Enhance Your Entertaining
    August 29, 2022 UASHMAMA Team

    Enhance Your Entertaining

    With fall creeping up just around the corner... the reasons for entertaining (planned or impromptu) seem to grow. Football watching parties, post school play dates, nights around the firepit, Halloween and all of the holidays to follow. Sure, you can...

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  • Sustainable Focus on 'COTO'
    July 26, 2022 UASHMAMA Team

    Sustainable Focus on 'COTO'

    Cotton takes center stage UASHMAMA is always inspired by the beauty and gifts that nature offer us and we always aim to share some of the efforts we take to reduce our environmental impact to protect the Earth. We constantly...

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