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Complimentary shipping on orders $200+
Complimentary shipping on orders $200+


From concept to finish, our attention to detail is rooted in generations of Italian craftsmanship with a modern sensibility for style. UASHMAMA is family-owned and managed in Tuscany, where each product is created to thoughtfully enhance your daily lifestyle. Our passion is to simplify your life with eco-friendly products that deliver state-of-the-art design and functionality.

Established by Marco Marconi, UASHMAMA is proud to combine his lineage in handcrafting footwear with pioneering methods to reduce our environmental impact. His creative vision led us to develop our signature material, a washable paper that we’ve named “AGGO.” This material meets our top priority in providing products that are both ethical and durable. Plus, it feels and folds like textile for an aesthetic utility that is sleek and fun.

Our approach is sustainable and inspired, at every stage. From our certified organic fibers to our water-saving methods – we employ local artisans from the Tuscan region to deliver the best in quality and longevity.

At UASHMAMA, we embrace the big Italian family spirit. Each of Marco’s four daughters and his wife is integral to our operations.

We understand the needs of families like ours and the responsibility we feel about our ecological footprint. From food storage to bagged lunch, backpacks to fashionable wallets, we’re honored to create alternatives to everyday staples. And the reduction in waste makes an impact we can celebrate.

It’s our pleasure to share our innovative designs and the joy of a sustainable lifestyle with you. From our family to yours, we’re excited to welcome you to UASHMAMA – for style we can all live with.