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Why Washable Paper

At its inception many years ago, our washable paper was used to make a simple bread bag for the dinner table. This was Marco’s first creation using the paper material and once it came to life he began to have more ideas of how to utilize the paper. Through trial, error and perseverance, he started learning how to create a stronger paper that could have many functional uses while using a natural and sustainable production cycle. The AGGO paper material has the benefit of being extremely durable, yet pliable enough for endless creativity. It holds true to the core of how we approach our products; it must be strong, durable, and long lasting.

Our paper is an alternative material that has been treated in an innovative way, utilizing water saving production methods and biodegradable wax. Conventional textiles and manufacturing practices utilize chemicals throughout the production process. That does not align with our ethos and mission which is why we created AGGO washable paper to be used as our core textile.