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Balance and Inspiration with Jordan Goetz of Motherland Company

Balance and Inspiration with Jordan Goetz of Motherland Company

UASHMAMA: You have such an amazing and unique business. How did you get started?

Jordan: Thank you! A few months before I became pregnant with my first, I became interested in embroidery. I started researching what tools I'd need and then went, and bought everything and taught myself how to use a needle and thread. Over the years my style has evolved, and I've added the new medium of felted wool and soon paintings! I am completely self-taught so everything I've worked on has been from research and then trial and error.

UASHMAMA: As an artist and someone who has a great eye for design, what inspires you? How would you describe your style?

Jordan: I get a lot of inspiration from other designers of course such as Amber Interiors, Studio Mcgee, Light and Dwell and Katie Hodges Design. I also am very in tune with how I feel in a space, so I am constantly moving things around and really taking into account what type of vibe I'm getting from a room, i.e. is it bright, am I feeling calm, etc.

UASHMAMA: We know you are a mom to two precious little ones. As a mom and a business owner, what advice do you have for others about balancing the two?

Jordan: It's good to be ambitious and determined but in doing that it's easy to put work before family. Especially with owning your own business or a small business when you are doing everything yourself. A lot of my work gets done during Palmer's naps and on the days that I have both girls, I spend the full day giving them my full attention and then staying up late after bedtime to work. There are some days of course when I am cooked by the end of the day and can't work on Motherland orders. It took me a while to get to the point where I can honestly say that that's okay and I can try again tomorrow. I think it's really about finding that balance that best fits you and your family!

The paper bags are awesome because I can use them to hold dried flowers, my work materials, etc. - Jordan Goetz

UASHMAMA: What are your tips for styling a home in a way that is aesthetically pleasing for adults, but also allows for creativity and fun for the children in the home?

Jordan: I get this question a lot on Instagram on how the house is so clean with kids! But honestly, we do a lot of open play around here so it's less playing with toys and more so doing things that I already have out, like building forts using couch cushions and blankets and imagining different scenarios and playing those out together. My oldest is very creative so there is a lot of drawing and coloring, which only requires paper and pencils, so she'll sit at the table for a good amount of time and play with that. I also don't keep any toys downstairs really. All of their toys stay up in the playroom so it makes it easy to keep the main living areas tidy - I can't say the same for the playroom most of the time! Most of the toys are wooden which for me is very aesthetically pleasing on the days where we do move toys around or have them out.

UASHMAMA: We know that you are a fan of UASHMAMA. Do you have a favorite product? How do you use them around your home that makes your daily life easier or more organized?

Jordan: I do love ALL of the products! They are so minimal and functional. I'd say the ones I really use on the daily are my Chiara bag and the paper bags! I actually use the Chiara as my diaper bag, so that goes everywhere with me. I love having a backpack that can function when I have the kids and also when I am without them. It's really chic and fits everything I need! The paper bags are awesome because I can use them to hold dried flowers, my work materials, my Gathre mats (play mats for the girls), etc. They're really versatile and I love to move things around in the house, so they are a staple!

Be sure to visit Jordan's shop, the Motherland Company, to see her talented work and collection!

Written by UASHMAMA Team

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