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Sit Down with Teal Davison and Wendy Scott of Teal & Scott

Sit Down with Teal Davison and Wendy Scott of Teal & Scott

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Step into the vibrant world of Teal & Scott, where design meets inspiration, and every space tells a unique story. Today, we delve into the creative minds of Teal Davison and Wendy Scott, the dynamic duo behind Teal & Scott. Known for their innovative approach to interior design and styling, they share their insights, tips, and creative uses for UASHMAMA's versatile products. Join us as we explore their design journey, philosophy, and how they seamlessly integrate style and practicality into every project.

UASHMAMA: How did you get into design?

Teal: I hail from Madison, Wisconsin, where I grew up in a household brimming with creativity. My mom was a self-made interior designer, and my dad had style for days, especially when it came to haberdashery (a fancy word for men's clothing). The family home was always a colorful and unique space that drew in laughs, conversation, and celebration. That's where my design journey unknowingly began.

When I headed to boarding school back east, I found myself longing for that cozy feeling of home, even in my dorm room. College in Colorado wasn't any different, where I aimed to make crash pads feel more like a comfortable retreat and less like a study break post-party disaster zone.

I found my way to the Pacific Northwest and kicked off my career in sports marketing with Adidas. However, the real magic happened when I dove headfirst into the world of design, buying my inaugural property for a transformative remodel-and-sell venture. The journey was a whirlwind of excitement, decisions flowed effortlessly, and with glowing feedback, my destiny was sealed! Over the last 15 years, I've been immersed in ground-up construction, fearlessly tackling projects of all sizes, and honing my craft in the world of construction and interior design. I ensure that the design process is enjoyable for everyone involved, injecting a healthy dose of fun and never taking myself too seriously.

Wendy: At the ripe age of 3, I achieved my first major design milestone, winning a coloring contest at the local grocery store! My prize? A gallon of ice cream, which only fueled my passion for creating more. That passion continued through elementary school where I landed one of my murals on a book cover. In high school, I won state for a watercolor, and then went on to get an art scholarship at Oregon State University.

After college, I immersed myself in the world of marketing and design, initially working for a restaurant chain in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I then took my talents to Nike Design for several years before leaning into my curiosity about all things “people” (otherwise known as Human Resources). Following several years recruiting for Go-To-Market teams, I sought to step outside my comfort zone, leading recruiting and sourcing teams for Tesla Engineering, and later delving into tech consulting.

For years, I had been the go-to person for friends and family seeking assistance with their interior projects. After my home in SW Portland was showcased on the 2022 Portland Modern Home Tour, I decided to start my own business. This was followed by another feature, highlighting a client project in 2023. For me, every day is a canvas, and I take joy in experimenting with color and crafting curated spaces. It's safe to say I've found my happy place!

UASHMAMA: Whether a feeling, style or signature look - what makes a space a Teal & Scott Design?

Teal & Scott: Teal & Scott creates high-quality contemporary designs with warm Pacific Northwest vibes. The approach is intentional and detail-oriented, but what really sets us apart is our ability to mix styles while keeping the look fresh overall. We also always have an unexpected pop of color (sometimes as bold as the kitchen cabinets)!

UASHMAMA: What drew you to collaborate with UASHMAMA, and how do our products align with your design philosophy?

Teal & Scott: We are a broken record talking about textures adding warmth to a space! UASHMAMA nails it. Whenever we find a great product that breaks up hard lines and replaces something that is very standard in the industry (like a hard round clay planter) we get JAZZED. We love the material, the quality, attention to craftsmanship, color selection -- the list goes on!

UASHMAMA: When starting a design project for a client or freshening up your own home, where do you turn to for inspiration?

Teal & Scott: Pinterest is a great place to start, but also looking at retail stores, friends houses, restaurants... just looking around to see what inspires you!

UASHMAMA: What are some key trends in home decor this season, and how can UASHMAMA products complement these trends?

Teal & Scott: We are seeing less brass and more polished chrome, mixing old and new (vintage finds with a modern purchase), and cream colors taking over white and grey to add more warmth.

For UASHMAMA, continuing to have solid matte textured products as well as glossy metallic textures will ensure success no matter which way trends go, as customers can select which product would compliment their style or home best.

UASHMAMA: How do you balance practicality and design when choosing home storage solutions?

Teal & Scott: If you have open shelves, go with something fun and beautiful to store your products. If it's in a closed cabinet, that's when you can get away with something that is more basic.

UASHMAMA: Can you share some tips for seamlessly integrating UASHMAMA's versatile products into various home styles, from modern to more traditional?

Teal & Scott: UASHMAMA products go with EVERY style which is so cool. For us it's not so much about what style of home, because they go with all styles of homes. For us it's about the color, character, versatility and warmth it brings to each space.

Our tip would be to just go for it! Get a small bag and use it for dog toys, grab a large tray and roll some hand towels on one side and your soap dispenser and vase on the other on your bathroom counter. They are also great on desks to throw all of those loose papers in.

UASHMAMA: What items in a room do you believe are 'splurge worthy' when designing a space?

Teal & Scott: 100% the rooms that you USE the most. The living room, the kitchen, and the bathroom. Get splurge-worth quality products that will hold up through all of the use!

UASHMAMA: What creative uses have you found for UASHMAMA's products beyond their traditional purposes when using them in design?

Teal & Scott: Simple uses like trays in bathrooms to hold toilet paper or fruit on the kitchen counter.

UASHMAMA: What are some common mistakes homeowners make when organizing their spaces, and what tips do you have to help avoid them?

Teal & Scott: Oh my gosh, where do we even begin....

The biggest problem we see is they have too much stuff! They don't know how to keep or toss, so they keep everything and stuff it in where they can. Then in turn, they can't ever find anything.

We suggest doing the hard work of going through your belongings to figure out what you actually need and use (we have a great blog on this!) and then figure out what storage pieces you need to fit what you actually use everyday.

UASHMAMA: What are your favorite tips for incorporating our products into a functional yet stylish laundry room?

Teal & Scott: Use the trays to hold your goods like soap, spray, dryer balls, etc. and get the oversized bags for your laundry!

UASHMAMA: Can you share a project where you successfully integrated UASHMAMA products and the impact they had on the overall design?

Teal & Scott: Treehouse is by far our favorite project where we featured UASHMAMA (Wendy's home)! We used the paper bags and trays in nearly every room in various ways, from planters to dog toy holders, a napkin holder on the dining table, and bags for kids toys! We love the colors and unexpected texture when you are usually expecting a hard surface for things like planters and trays.

If you don't already, be sure to follow Teal & Scott on Instagram at @tealandscott! And don't forget to tag us in your Instagram photos @uashmama.usa with #UashmamaStyle. We want to see YOUR Uashmama style!

Written by UASHMAMA Team

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