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Creative Tablescapes with CC Boone

Creative Tablescapes with CC Boone

Merging food & ambiance to create the most lovely spaces

Creative mastermind CC Boone is known for her ability to create the most beautiful and intimate scenes. Her ability to merge design with food is what makes her personal style so unique. We spoke to CC about how she got started and where she gets her inspiration for creating pristine private beach picnics, dining experiences and jaw dropping charcuterie boards.  

UASHMAMA: A quick glimpse at some images of your work and it’s clear you are incredibly skilled at your craft. How did you get started?

CC: What began with the curating simple charcuterie and cheeseboards in my college days evolved into my real passion for creating intimate and beautiful settings for people to enjoy. I especially want to highlight that taking the first step is the most important because once you get in the momentum of following in the steps of your passions, things continue to grow!

UASHMAMA: Have you always had an interest in food or is that something that was cultivated during your time studying hospitality?

CC: My first love since I was super young would be beautiful spaces and interiors. Then as I grew older, I realized food and ambience can go hand-in-hand. Once I discovered that food can be a part of that interior experience, I really felt passionate about it.

UASHMAMA: Where do you draw your inspiration for new ideas and looks?

CC: Nature, travel and photography!

"Once I discovered that food can be a part of that interior experience, I really felt passionate about it."

- CC Boone

UASHMAMA: You have an incredible eye for design/décor! Can you tell us about one of your favorite events you’ve done thus far?

CC: I curated a lakeside picnic dinner last year with friends that was heavily Italian themed with bright colors and whimsical flowers. It just came together so effortlessly and was a very genuine experience.

UASHMAMA: Do you have any tips for those of us that are novice tabletop and charcuterie board creators?

CC: I think when it comes to food, art, and tabletop curation, following your instinct and going with what you feel creatively driven by is the most key factor of creating something beautiful.

UASHMAMA: We love that you are a lover of UASHMAMA and how you blend our products perfectly into your designs. Do you have a favorite go-to UASHMAMA product?

CC: YES I am obsessed with the wine glass tea light lamp shades. 

UASHMAMA: What about UASHMAMA speaks to you the most?

CC: The fact that Uashmama is a family owned, genuine, sustainable product that is unique, easy to transport and can be dressed down or dressed up!  

Be sure to check out CC's Website for a glimpse at all she offers and her amazing talent! You can also see her amazing style in Instagram @cc.boone

Recipe for easy charcuterie app:

20 slices salami

2 TBS Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 TBS red pepper flakes

1 pinch of salt

Optional * 1/2 cup roasted macadamia nuts or slivered almonds

Written by UASHMAMA Team

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