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Simple Storage Solutions

Simple Storage Solutions

Clutter. It seems to always appear, showing up slyly at first in little corners here and there throughout your home.

Easy to turn a blind eye to in the beginning (or not so much for the OCD folks) and then exploding before your eyes into a full blown, unorganized, chaotic mess.

With an arsenal of storage containers and solutions, it’s much easier to keep clutter and messes under control from the start. Will your storage vessels eventually need some attention and work? Of course. But equipping yourself with some smart storage solutions from the get-go, keeps the mess from getting to that chaotic state.

Since it’s the start of a new year and many of us are in the early stages of staying committed to our goals and resolutions we made for the year, it’s the perfect time to do a quick check and inventory of areas around the home that could use some organizational help. Thankfully, UASHMAMA makes a variety of storage solutions in varying shapes and sizes that will help you stay organized in the laundry room, playroom, pantry, closet, and attic.


School projects, art & craft supplies, cards and notes…..gradually all get stacked into a heap on your counter or shoved into a drawer, quickly hiding whatever purpose that drawer is supposed to have. The next thing you know, you’ve lost a quarter of your counter space, your family desk/entry table is no longer visible underneath the heaps of items and you can’t find what you’re looking for.   Cue the Easy Box. Available in several sizes, it’s perfect for storing those crafts and projects; the memorabilia you want to hang onto. And when the box is full, you can easily label it and take it on up to the attic or storage closet. Love to sew, paint or participate in other home-based hobbies that have a lot of elements? The Easy Boxes are perfect for storing your supplies for easy access when needed. The best part is, they all have a top and look great, so they don’t even have to live behind closed doors. Keep them easily accessible on a desk or table, but with all the contents neatly tucked away inside.


Toys, toys, everywhere! Anyone with kids can relate to the constant battle of giving your children space to play but also maintaining a tidy home. Our Amalfi bag is the perfect solution to store toys. The kids can access them easily and when they are finished and put away, you are left with a nice, neutral bin that looks great in any room. Other great uses for the Amalfi are to store your dog food (goodbye nasty food bags or ugly plastic bins) or recycling. 


Tired of those beautiful extra throw blankets and pillows ending up on the floor or strewn haphazardly across your living room? Cue the Legna. A beautiful accent to your room, it’s the perfect vessel to store your lovely throws. It also works as a great option to store toys and the handle makes it easy to transport from playroom, to bedroom to outdoors. It makes a great storage solution for firewood during the cold months as well. Easily tote outside to refill your logs with the durable handle.


Imagine if your pantry had no doors. Does that thought make you tremble inside? The Vassoio can transform your pantry into the most organized and visually appealing space that you’ll want to leave the doors open all the time just to admire that beautifully organized masterpiece. Perfect for organizing pastas and dried goods together, baking supplies, canned goods, dish towels and more. Fill each shelf with a Vassoio or two (available with and without handles) for each product group and your pantry will not only look amazing but you’ll save so much time and frustration, allowing you to easily find exactly what you’re looking for.

Quite possibly the best part about each of these storage suggestions we’ve briefly touched on is the fact that every one of them has endless uses. Perhaps you’ve used your Amalfi for toy storage but your kids are grown. You can easily transition it into a laundry bag, recycling container, etc. That’s our goal – to increase functionality within your home while minimizing waste and excess.

Tidy up your home with these practical and beautiful solutions and be sure to show us your final product! Tag us in your Instagram photos @uashmama.usa with #Uashmamastyle. We want to see YOUR Uashmama style!

Written by UASHMAMA Team

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