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DIY Easter Floral Arrangement

DIY Easter Floral Arrangement

Simple and elegant for any home

Versatility is what makes so many UASHMAMA products such a big hit. Designing pieces that are functional, adaptable, and simple, creates endless opportunities for use and an ease in the ability to change things up.

For example, let’s look at our customer favorite Catino storage container. Available in two sizes and multiple colors, some of the most popular uses for the Catino are using it as a fruit basket, storage caddy for bathroom towels or a place for all your laundry supplies. One of our favorites, is to use the Catino for a beautiful flower arrangement. With Easter just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to show you just how easy it is to create a beautiful Spring floral arrangement.


1. Small or Medium Catino

2. 1-3 Orchids (depending on preference and size of Catino)

3. Green Moss

Optional: Some colored Easter eggs to make it seasonal for the holiday


Take your orchid(s) and place into your empty Catino. Orchids are easy to find and generally inexpensive, so we love putting two or three together to make a bigger impact. If using multiple orchids, make sure to arrange them in the Catino with the blooms of each facing outward.

Once placed in the preferred position, add the moss to cover the top of the orchids, fully covering the surface of the Catino. Don’t be shy with the moss!

To take this up a notch and give it some spring flair, you can add some homemade (or store bought) died Easter Eggs to make it more festive for the upcoming holiday!


Make sure to place your orchid in an area where there is bright, but not direct sunlight. Give each orchid ¼ cup of water per week and they will generally last quite a while!

Making a beautiful floral arrangement doesn’t require master skills in art and design. A simple yet colorful orchid arrangement is one of the easiest ways to bring beauty and life to a space. They are elegant and fit with any style or décor. We would LOVE to see what arrangements you create with your Catino’s (or other favorite UASHMAMA storage solutions). Be sure to share your photos with us on Instagram by using #UashmamaStyle and tagging us @uashmama.usa.

Repurpose your Catino in numerous ways!

Written by UASHMAMA Team

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