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Lovable Laundry

Lovable Laundry

Laundry solutions for all!

Whether faced with delight or disgust, we’re all confronted with the reality that is laundry. If the task is inevitable, why not make it fashionable and easier! As a matter of fact, let’s go back to our Italian roots for a moment.

Italian Laundry Legend

Have you ever walked down an Italian street in a small village or even a large town, and looked up noticing sheets hanging on the windows? Ancient legend says that a sheet hanging on the window, on the concave double thread that is pulled to one side or the other to fix the clothes on it, represents a symbol against the Italian mafia (or the first night consumed by the newlyweds).

The real answer to why Italians hang clothes in the window, however, lies in the air. It’s in the breeze wafting in off the sea, or from the mountains; of the small village or the large city, which creeps into the yarns of the sheet and gently dries it. Look up at the waves of the clothes and the colors. Smell the scent of laundry in the atmosphere. Close your eyes and feel at home, or in a distant country that welcomes you with love!

That's why UASHMAMA has created a line of products, such as the Laundry Bag, dedicated entirely to laundry. A product that represents our country of origin and the attention Italians place on tradition and on an activity that's carried out daily.

Which Style Should I Choose?


One of the best-selling styles is the classic Laundry Bag. What’s special about it? It is a stylish, customizable, and modular laundry bag system featuring bags that are narrow and tall, which makes it adaptable to many spaces. The cotton handles on the bags are made from recycled t-shirts and the buttons on the sides allow you to snap one, two, three, or even four together! Don't be fooled by the name, this bag is also perfect for organizing linens, toys & household items. There are removable tags on the front where you can write the contents of the bag or your children's names. (Example: whites or darks). Use chalk for writing on the labels, so you'll always be able to hand wash and reuse them!

Versatility is part of all UASHMAMA products. In fact, the Laundry Bag can also become a bag for the separate collection of recycling plastic or paper: write it on the tags!


The Lapo Bag has similar characteristics to the previous bag, such as the narrow and tall shape, the two cotton handles and the tag on which the contents can be written. So, what’s the difference? The drawstring closure of the top, made strictly of organic linen, so you can hide its interior contents!

The "LaPo" Bag combines the best features of the Laundry Bag and Positano with a narrow and tall shape, a concealing top closure, and a tag on which the contents can be written. The LaPo is slightly larger than the Laundry Bag and has a solid colored linen drawstring top. Each bag is free standing and does not snap to adjacent LaPo Laundry bags.


The Paniere Bucket in size Large is another great laundry bin option. The shape is more of a traditional European bucket style with a wide top that gradually narrows. It features two handles, making it easily transportable.


The Positano Bag is a lower and wider option that has handles made of recycled cotton. It features a drawstring closure on the top, which is made from organic linen with a subtle striped or solid print. It's great for concealing the inside contents!

Secret Tip: we love suggesting the Positano Bag as a toy room solution. Give each child their own color and it perfectly conceals the endless pile of toys and trinkets, while keeping your room tidy and fashionable for guests!

Written by UASHMAMA Team

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Gracie - October 25, 2023

This bag is beautiful and something I’m in the market for as I embark on a toxic-less life. My only concern is the water resistant part. I’ve read about how toxic water resistant anything is. What chemicals go into making this water resistant?

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