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Repurposing Inspiration

Repurposing Inspiration

Upcycling is a wonderful way to reuse materials we already have in our homes and reduce our footprint in the process.

It doesn’t matter where you live, where your income level falls, whether your style is fashion forward or simplistic; anyone can practice the art of upcycling and repurposing.

At the core of UASHMAMA is a commitment to responsible craftsmanship and reducing waste. We are passionate about high-quality materials and beautiful design, so we get it….the temptation to buy new, hop on the latest trends, renovate and change up a space. But it’s so easy to make impactful changes by simply repurposing everyday items around your home that will yield a new life and look to a space. And thanks to Marco Marconi’s incredible vision, UASHMAMA is full of products that were crafted with repurposing and mixed, repeated use in mind. The washability of our paper aids tremendously in functional repurposing options since you can easily wash and clean something that was used for food for example and transition it into something entirely different.

We understand that some people struggle with being creative and just aren’t the visionary type, so we are here to help inspire you with some great ideas for ways you can repurpose a few of our favorite items in our HOME collection.


This is a personal favorite. We love our Paniere Large as a planter for large indoor trees (ex. a tall Fiddle Leaf Fig). It’s unique, it’s beautiful, and of course versatile. Ready for a change? It serves as a functional storage container for throw blankets and is an aesthetically pleasing addition to your living room at the same time. Change time again? Use as a laundry basket in your bathroom, closet or laundry room.


Easily the most versatile product we make, our Paper Bags literally have endless uses. We have a whole BLOG POST dedicated just to them. Available in tons of bright and neutral colors, you can take them from a fruit basket to a planter to a storage container for hand towels or art & craft/office supplies.


The Amalfi is such a simple product to reinvent throughout your home. Its functional size makes it an option for everything from storing dog food, using as a laundry bag, a visually appealing storage container for firewood next to the fireplace, a recycling bin, or a catch-all for kid's toys keeping them out of eyesight. The removable name tag allows you to write in chalk, wash-off and re-write as necessary.


The Catino tray is another product that transitions seamlessly from kitchen to bathroom to bar to laundry. It looks beautiful on a countertop to store fruit and fresh produce. But when the kids are grown and there isn't the need for as much produce, move it into the pantry to organize dry goods like pasta & rice. It looks great in a bathroom with folded towels and comes in very handy carrying laundry supplies (detergent, dryer sheets, stain remover, etc.) where needed.  


Freshen up your home easily with these functional and beautiful pieces that were created with repurposing in mind. And, be sure to show us your favorite way to reuse them! Tag us in your Instagram photos @uashmama.usa with #Uashmamastyle. We want to see YOUR Uashmama style!

Written by UASHMAMA Team

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