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Outdoor Dining Tablescapes for Summer

Outdoor Dining Tablescapes for Summer

Set the table, fire up the grill & light the candles!

Long slow days, activities galore, neighbors & friends trickling by (often unannounced!) and lingering BBQ nights on the patio. Summer is here! Maybe you can relate to one of those scenarios or maybe all.

Whether you’re the type to have a revolving open door constantly welcoming visitors or prefer small and intimate family time together, there’s something about outdoor living & dining that evokes different sensations and feelings. UASHMAMA makes it easy for you to create a beautiful dining experience for any summer hosting event; whether planned or impromptu, formal, or casual. For the hostess that always has it pristinely together or the busy mom who feels she never has time to plan and prepare the way she would prefer; a few of our tableware items on hand will pack a big punch!

If you’re looking to start with a few items to add to your summer entertaining arsenal, let us recommend some favorites. Our best-selling placemats, bread bags, lampshades and wine bags will elevate any tablescape or family dinner in a pinch.

The TEC placemat has always been a best-selling customer favorite and it’s easy to see why. It combines the power to withstand spills and messes and pulls it off with a timeless, classic look. Available in numerous colors, you can regularly change up your theme with new color waves.

Our Fiocco bread bag is made from organic linen to help the natural moisture in bread breathe easier. The Fiocco has a removable structured base made of our AGGO washable paper, which helps give it its shape. Tie the top with a cute knot to keep bread fresh and ready to serve.

Continue the conversation long into the night with our IceCube, which is sure to keep the bubbly chilled throughout the entire evening.

Lampshades are one of the most creative ways we put to use leftover scrap paper. Set the mood and give an ordinary space ambiance with our Toge Toge Lampshade. Place the lampshade on a wine glass with a tea light inside. Dim the lights and enjoy the atmosphere. Useful as a place marker, centerpiece, or simple decoration.  

Your guests are surely to be impressed with how UASHMAMA tableware items create such a beautiful experience!


Written by UASHMAMA Team

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