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Complimentary shipping on orders $200+
Repurposing the Paniere

Repurposing the Paniere

Combining functionality, convenience & innovative design to help you find joy and beauty in a sustainable lifestyle, is what’s at the heart of UASHMAMA.

Embracing a lifestyle that aims to reduce waste, excess and stress without sacrificing beauty, quality and style is much easier when you curate pieces that are reusable in a variety of ways. Don’t we all crave simplicity at some level? This is something the team at UASHMAMA loves so much and why we always strive to show and teach you all the creative ways you can use and reuse your favorite UASHMAMA products.  


How great is it when a need pops up and you realize you already poses something perfect for the job! A time saver, money saver and planet favor. A favorite in our Home product line, is the Paniere Bucket. Available in 4 sizes, its uses are wide and varied.


If you struggle with being creative and knowing how to repurpose items in your home, don’t let it intimidate you. We hope by sharing some inspiration on how to use our Paniere Bucket a variety of ways, will give you confidence to look throughout your own home at all the items you can bring to life in a fresh way.



Gardening Tools

Bread or Fruit Basket

Utensil Holder for Entertaining




Knitting/Craft Supplies

Pet Toys

Magazine Holder




Pool/Beach Towels

Picnic Tote

Kids Toys



Large Plants/Indoor Trees

Throw Blankets

Laundry Bag

Magazine Holder


Have some fun changing up the products in your home. It's a great way to feel like you're getting something new, without cost or waste! Tag us in your Instagram photos @uashmama.usa with #Uashmamastyle. We want to see YOUR Uashmama style!

Written by UASHMAMA Team

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