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Sit Down with Food Photographer, Sheri Silver

Sit Down with Food Photographer, Sheri Silver

The Food Itself or The Imagery

It's hard to pick what well known food photographer, Sheri Silver, does better. Her skills behind the lense will inspire you to put in that extra effort in the kitchen and the icing on the cake is her incredible array of recipes that are unique, delicious and achievable. Something we all desire in the kitchen!

UASHMAMA: We hear you’ve had lots of pretty great career paths, all of which have the common thread of creativity. How did those roles influence your path to blogging?

SHERI: Ha! Yes, I like to say I’m a “Jill of all trades”! When I started blogging I took the same approach as I did in my prior careers – I love making things look pretty, so I wanted my blog to be visually appealing. And I favor a clean, minimal aesthetic, which I brought to the design of my site. As a serious cook and baker for almost 40 years I was also committed to demystifying the process, and sharing recipes that, while at times “aspirational” are 100% attainable. Bringing my years of experience in the kitchen has taught me so much and I LOVE sharing what I know!

UASHMAMA: To say you have a library if insanely delicious recipes is an understatement. When did your passion for food/cooking begin?

SHERI: My maternal grandma Fay was Martha before there was Martha. She truly did it all, and beautifully. My college graduation present was a KitchenAid stand mixer and I went right over to my grandma’s upon receiving it to get started learning how to bake. She taught me the foundations and I’ve been building on them ever since!

UASHMAMA: Sweet or Salty?

SHERI: Easy - sweet sprinkled with salt!

*Tip: Check out Sheri's recipe for Triple Layer Pretzel Krispie Bars by clicking the photo to the right

UASHMAMA: How/where did you first discover UASHMAMA?

SHERI: Funny story – a dear friend gifted me a UASHMAMA paper bag many years ago. It got lost in a move and I completely forgot about it until another dear friend – ANNIE DIAMOND – shared UASHMAMA on Instagram and it was like reuniting with a long-lost pal – I placed an order that day!

UASHMAMA: We know you're passionate about travel. Any fun trips planned for 2023?

SHERI: I just returned from Rome – my favorite place in the world – a few months ago. I have my eye on Scotland for next year!

UASHMAMA: When creating a new recipe, where do you start? What sparks that creativity in the kitchen for you?

SHERI: When I look at my calendar I start with a list of all the things I want to include every month – 1 or 2 easy, delicious dinners, a few sweet treats, some simple DIY’s, and what I call “favorites” (like UASHMAMA!). I then let the season and holidays dictate. But at the heart of everything is the goal of sharing recipes and crafts that truly anyone can execute!

UASHMAMA: Do you have a favorite UASHMAMA product?

SHERI: Oooh that’s a rough one – I really do love everything! But the Nina bag – in that stunning silver – that I bought for my trip to Rome is my MVP. I don’t use the word “perfect” lightly but this bag is really perfect – big enough to hold a day’s worth of necessities but slim in profile. Zippers and pockets! And LOVE the detachable shoulder strap which turned my day bag into the cutest evening bag!

UASHMAMA: 3 Suggestions for a repeat visitor to NYC wanting to soak up the city beyond the basics?

SHERI:  If you’ve been here before you’ve probably hit all the highlights – or at least most. If I ever left New York here are the 3 things I’d have to do upon returning for a visit:

1. TWA Hotel - an absolute jewel on the grounds of JFK, newly reopened to the public and wins the heart of this mid-century modern girl every time. A must-see!

2. Red Hook and Brooklyn Heights – Brooklyn is hot, obviously, but these are my two favorite neighborhoods. I love Red Hook for its grittiness, cool architecture and great food (Red Hook Lobster!). And Brooklyn Heights is off the beaten track yet worth it for some of the most stunning homes, gorgeous streets and the promenade which boasts the best view of Manhattan!

3. West Village – in my almost 6 decades as a New Yorker the West Village is the one and only neighborhood that never fails to make me swoon. Wandering the cobblestone streets, stopping in at the many spots to eat, shop and explore, it’s always a dream.

Bonus! If the weather is even mildly temperate, I would have to fit in a day in Rockaway Beach – the coolest beach in NYC, with the best food scene, art and culture. My second home!

Be sure to check out Sheri's blog HERE for amazing recipes and DIY tips. Don't forget to tag us in your Instagram photos @uashmama.usa with #Uashmamastyle. We want to see YOUR Uashmama style!

Written by UASHMAMA Team

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Sheri Silver - January 17, 2023

Thank you so very much for this wonderful feature. You know what a huge huge fan I am of your company so this is a thrill!! Grazie!

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