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Sustainable Focus on 'COTO'

Sustainable Focus on 'COTO'

Cotton takes center stage

UASHMAMA is always inspired by the beauty and gifts that nature offer us and we always aim to share some of the efforts we take to reduce our environmental impact to protect the Earth.

We constantly review our process to improve the composition and integrity of our materials, as well as reduce our environmental impact by doing our best to eliminate waste from our manufacturing and production cycles.

Creating COTO

Today we are giving you a deeper insight into how we create our COTO placemats. In our effort to reduce waste, we found the opportunity to create our Coto Placemats using a unique part of cotton. We use the discarded part of the cotton plant, below the white fluffy “fruit,” and transform it into a sturdy fiber that becomes the foundation of our Coto Placemats.


We add a protective-colored layer over the top of this new cotton fiber to make it scratch and stain resistant; making it protected from all sides: top, bottom and edges. Our Coto Placemats are durable and easy to clean, so you never have to worry about spills or stains. They are double-sided, lay completely flat and are available in 6 different sizes and a multitude of colors. Perfect to suit any space!

Written by UASHMAMA Team

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