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Complimentary shipping on orders $200+
The Ultimate Summer Beach/Pool Bags

The Ultimate Summer Beach/Pool Bags

"After eating, you must wait 30 minutes before swimming!"

How many times have you heard this phrase in your life? How many times as a child did you fixate on the clock and count down the minutes, looking at the pool or sea with the burning desire to swim?

Summer equals the beach, the pool, sunscreen, swimming, cookouts, and laughter….and that proverbial 30-minute rule! So, what do you do while waiting for the hands on the clock to tick by? We reapply the sun cream, read, do crossword puzzles, play bocce, make sandcastles, we put the cream on again and nap with the sound of waves in our ears.

To carry out all these activities we need a faithful companion, a shoulder to support us, an alternative, or rather, more alternatives to the classic everyday tote. Cue Uashmama’s array of tote bags that serve as the perfect summer carryall for the endless trips to the beach and pool.


UASHMAMA gives its name to this bag inspired by Giulia, the second of the four sisters. The multitasker par excellence, because that's what we're talking about: being always ready for any need, which can be to contain books and newspapers, games, sunscreen, water, beach towels and all the other objects that we usually carry with us in our busy daily life.

The Giulia bag is lightweight, washable, spacious, and beautiful. Available in two sizes and in an array of our neutral basic colors as well as the ever-popular metallic colors. The Giulia has been deemed the ultimate favorite of many!


Like the Giulia bag, the Sydney is available in two sizes (large & small) and a variety of colors. While some of our popular neutral colors are available, the Sydney is also offered in bright shades like blue and red, which are unique to this bag.

People often ask what the key difference between the Giulia & Sydney are. The only real differences are the color choices and slightly different styles of straps.


Our Beach Bag is the definition of functional. The top closure is a zipped well sized pocket that will keep your essentials ready to go. Within the top flap, is a separate zipped compartment perfect for sliding your phone or wallet into for easy access.

Unlike the Giulia & Sydney bags, the Beach bag comes in just one size that is perfect for fitting all your key items needed for a day at the pool or a picnic in the park. Available in three neutral colors, one of our favorite parts about the Beach bag is the bright orange interior, which is the perfect pop of color for summer!

THE BEST PART ABOUT THEM ALL????  ...remember that all of our bags are made out of our signature AGGO paper that is water resistant and washable. So, when the tide comes up unexpectedly or the cannon ball champion jumps in beside you, you can relax knowing that your wet bag will be just fine!

Written by UASHMAMA Team

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