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Throwing A Stylish Backyard BBQ

Throwing A Stylish Backyard BBQ

Summertime calls for swimming, playing, long days and those oh-so-fun backyard BBQ’s.

Synonymous with summer, yet dare we say often times more pleasant in late spring and early fall when the temperature isn’t quite as extreme.  Even with summer winding down, there is still plenty of time to host a great backyard party!  Achieving that “wow factor” for your guests (or even just your family) in an outdoor dining and entertaining experience can be accomplished with a few simple details.

COLOR is one of the first things we think of when styling a table or implementing a theme.  It might be seasonal place settings you plan to reuse all summer long or theme specific to a holiday or special event, but color is always the best place to start.  There are several ways to easily incorporate color:

  • Tablecloth – long gone are the days when the only tablecloths around were boring (albeit classic) red checked tablecloths or an ugly plastic sheet.  Beautiful tablecloths are everywhere these days providing you endless options for a bright, eye-catching backdrop to build upon.  Choosing a bold or bright print for your tablecloth can be well balanced by choosing neutral placemats and tableware. 
  • Tableware – Perhaps you want to forego a tablecloth all together or choose a neutral one.  In this case, you can easily incorporate color by choosing a colorful array of tableware or placemats to add that design edge to your tabletop.  Your plates and glassware can serve as one of the most eye-catching elements of your set-up.

Remember that entertaining outside naturally provides you with the best canvas possible, mother nature!  Take advantage of your surroundings and playing up the foliage that is native and natural to your space.  Adding florals and greens to your tabletop adds height, dimension and additional color and texture.  You can go elaborate with florals or keep it simple by clipping a few greens from your yard.

EFFICIENCY is key to any type of entertaining.  Setting up a system that allows you to focus on being a great host while simultaneously offering efficient ways for your guests to self-serve will make both the host and the guests experience better. 

  • Beverage Station – set up a beverage station in advance with everything your guests might want.  This will allow them to self-serve in the instance you are busy with other entertaining duties.  Having all the accompaniments one might desire at your beverage station will make it fun and feel special for your guests.


  •         Trash/Recycling – an easily accessible trash container is so helpful.  It keeps guests from having to search or ask where your trash bin is and when it’s visible, your guests are much more likely to throw away their waste which keeps it from piling up throughout the evening.  Hate the idea of an ugly trash can ruining your beautiful aesthetic?  It doesn’t have to be ugly!  Try our Amalfi storage bin or Paniere bucket. 

AMBIANCE is curating that feeling that encompasses multiple senses at once from sound to taste to smell and sight, to form a feel-good sensation.  You’ve created a beautiful set-up, provided your guests with what they need to enjoy themselves, prepared delicious food to taste and now it’s time to finish it all off with a little lighting and music. 

·      Soft lighting can change the feeling of any space (indoor or outdoor) in an instant.  UASHMAMA lampshades are a fantastic way to incorporate some soft lighting around the table.  Café lights are another wonderful way to incorporate soft light and add to that overall memorable ambiance.

·      Music might be the most impactful way to evoke a feeling inside and instill memories in your guests’ minds.  It’s the perfect little topper to all the other elements you’ve executed.  The background music you select can also evolve throughout the night.  Whether up-tempo jazz, yacht rock classics, soulful standards or modern pop, music is a great way to put your personal style and stamp on the evening. 

Take advantage of the cooler temperatures that are soon to be arriving and soak up the upcoming weekend nights with a great outdoor get together.  Be sure to tag us in your Instagram photos @uashmama.usa with #Uashmamastyle. We want to see YOUR Uashmama style!

Written by UASHMAMA Team

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