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Top 10 Summer Travel Essentials

Top 10 Summer Travel Essentials

Summer is officially here!

For many, summer means increased travel, camps, trips to the beach & pool and dream vacations so we wanted to share a list of our Top 10 Summer Travel essentials. We think these products will bring ease, sustainability, and fashion statements to your summer travels!

1. Gimi Purse

Available in three sizes, the Gimi Purse will keep you organized, compact and stylish. Dedicate one for passports & travel documents, another for earbuds & gadgets, another for snacks and another for ChapStick and hand sanitizer. Sleek and compact, they slide perfectly into duffle bags, backpacks and luggage making it easy to stay organized and quickly grab the exact one you need.

2. Roma Bag

Our Roma Bag XL is the perfect weekender/duffle. It’s spacious in size and has interior pockets for your quick grab items. With such a unique and chic style, you are sure to stand out when you arrive in style with this bag!

3. Memmino Backpack

Let’s be honest, the more hands you have (especially when traveling with the wee ones), the better. Thus, how could we not include a backpack on this list. Our Memmino is the perfect middle size; not too small and not too large. Made out of our signature AGGO paper, it’s extra light and will make a fashion statement regardless of what color or paper style you choose. Want something smaller or larger? Don’t fret because we have numerous different backpack options to suit everyone’s style!

4. Beauty Case

Everyone needs a toiletry bag or dop kit and the Beauty Case is the perfect solution! Available in three sizes and numerous colors, you can find the right fit for your exact needs. And when that make up and sunscreen has created a layer of yuck on the inside; remember that you can wash it out with warm soapy water, let it dry and it will be as good as new again!

5. Hand Lotion

Everyone needs hand lotion at the ready, especially in the summer when it’s hot, dry and you’ve had regular sun exposure. Our hand cream is made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Bergamot, which is a citrus fruit grown almost exclusively on the coast of Italy. Rich & creamy, it will condition dry and dull skin beautifully!

6. Terme Small

A crossbody bag is a must for vacations that involve a lot of walking and standing all day long. The Terme bag comes in two sizes, however the small is still large enough to fit the necessities; wallet, phone and a few personal items. A major benefit of Uashamama products being made out of paper is that they are extremely lightweight. Perfect for those long meandering travel days!

7. Eyeglass Case

Space is of paramount importance when traveling and aiming to pack light and efficiently. With our creative eyeglass case, there’s no need to take up extra room in your bag with a large bulky case as this one has a clip that easily allows you to attach it to your bag for security. The ingenious design of this glasses case ensures both sides of your lenses are padded with protection!

8. Phone Bag

Looking to keep it as simple and minimalistic as possible? Look no further than our Phone Bag. With space for a phone, a credit card or two and a lipstick, you have no choice but to keep this one light. The crossbody strap leaves you handsfree and the simplicity leaves your neck and shoulders pain-free!

9. Wallet Large

While we have many wallet varieties, our Wallet Large is a great choice for travel. With its sleek, thin design, it will easily tuck into any bag and the inner sleeve will fit a passport. It also works great as a little clutch on its own. Who doesn’t love a versatile item that keeps you from packing excess!?!

10. Roy Case

While we hope your leisure travel leaves you without the need to tote your laptop, we also know they tend to be inevitable these days and certainly so for business travel. Our Roy Case is the perfect sleeve to protect those valuable computers and will fit up to a 16” laptop.

Written by UASHMAMA Team

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