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Zero Waste Initiative

Zero Waste Initiative

Reducing waste & expanding creativity

At UASHMAMA, we want to demonstrate to you, to ourselves, but above all to our greatest muse mother earth, that UASHMAMA not only gives life to beautiful and functional products, but also does it in an intelligent way.

Never before have we been so aware of the enormous environmental problems we are facing today and had access to such information that allows us to monitor the amount of waste that is produced daily. Waste that seriously damages the land of which we are guests.

We want to recognize the duty we have and commit ourselves to creating our own circle of life; a real circular economy. We regenerate a new material starting from the waste we produce.


The Zero Waste Initiative is a project that began in 2020 when our daily waste consumption was equivalent to 35 kg, which aims to reduce our AGGO paper waste materials by 90%. Today, by recovering and converting these materials, we have reduced 20% of the waste we consume every day.


UASHMAMA creates real packaging systems that allow for the creation of boxes and wrapping for the packaging of some of our products, such as the case for glasses, the coin purse and our soaps. The main objective, therefore, is the reconversion of waste material into packaging and other products. Packaging, labels, internal reinforcements for bags and accessories. For example, the labels that we sew inside our bags, the decorative tags, the bands that seal the washable paper bags, all come from waste.

Furthermore, non-compliant products, and therefore not usable in the normal production cycle due to wrong colors or prints and poorly executed screen printing, find a new life as materials for the packaging of woven mats or new screen printing.


It’s not always easy to be able to convert waste into a beautiful, simple, functional, innovative, and faithful to tradition product. It's a bit like taking care of the body. Keeping fit takes commitment. So it is with our washable paper! We firmly believe in our actions; in the planet we populate and in our little world of UASHMAMA that will help us make a difference.

Written by UASHMAMA Team

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