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Sit down with Tanya from @Houseofsixinteriors

Sit down with Tanya from @Houseofsixinteriors

Finding beauty in the every day. That's her motto.

Known for her beautifully designed home that’s filled with the warmest and most welcoming spaces, Tanya (aka @houseofsixinteriors) has a natural knack for design and simple lifestyle practices that instantly draw you in with intrigue.  She shows (and graciously shares) with her followers daily how the simplest touches from lighting, to repurposing items within your home to creative ideas to connect with your kids, can yield a big and impactful result. We sat down with Tanya for a quick chat and loved getting a deeper glimpse into her passion for homemaking.

UASHMAMA: When did your passion for design and décor begin and would you say you always had an eye for it? 

TANYA: Oh I have definitely always had an eye for it! I remember my mom telling me that when I was in preschool, the teacher came up to her and said "Tanya has a real eye for putting colors and textures together. It's amazing at her age". I was the kid who constantly changed her room around, cutting images out of magazines and making mood board after mood board. It has been a long-time passion of mine. I collected all the home magazines I could and would dream of designing spaces.

UASHMAMA: We love that you are more than just a talented decorator and that you have a deep, genuine desire and love for being a homemaker. For anyone out there with the desire to lean into the practice of homemaking, do you have any tips on where to start or practical ways to add warmth and connection to your home/family?  

TANYA: That is really what home is about to me. Warmth and a connection. Even when it comes to design - for me it's not about 'rules' but rather, does it feel right? I design our home based on feeling (I literally can feel if it's right or not in my heart and gut)- which means sometimes it takes a lot longer than usual to see it come to life. But that is what people feel when they walk in. I do not design anything in our home based on trends or rules (I learned the hard way in the past - saw something pretty online, adapted to our home and hated it. it just wasn't us. looked great in someone else's home but wasn't meant for us)... - so it's all about the gut feeling and how it works for our family. And I take the word home to heart. It's a place of great love, warmth, and our safe place.

Homemaking is one of the greatest gifts you can give your family - it might sound old fashioned...but it is such a beautiful and simple way to show your love. Homemade banana bread waiting for the kids when they get home from school; candles burning to create a cozy environment; squeezing oranges for fresh juice in the morning... I love doing it all for my family. It is my love language. I know that not everyone has the time to do it all, so practical ways to add warmth and connection? Candles are an easy place to start. baking once a week with your family. No fuss spaces that allow everyone to simply be. Turn off the overhead lighting and use lamps. They create such a warm ambiance - it's like an automatic comfort switch. And music. Music should always be playing in the background. We have music on from the moment we get up to the moment we go to bed.  

UASHMAMA: What was your favorite project you accomplished in your home during 2022? 


TANYA: oh that's easy!! our kitchen for sure. I have been dreaming about this kitchen for years. Never ready to go for it until all of the details felt just right. We use a lot of open shelving in our home. I Love the casual vibe of it. I like knowing what I have and what needs to be refilled. I like that it never gets messy behind closed doors. and I love that the kids can help themselves easily.

UASHMAMA: We know you love baking & cooking. Most requested thing your kids ask you to make? 


TANYA: My banana bread for sure! I'm pretty sure Dylan said, "mom, this is the best thing you bake and everything you bake is great!" such a huge compliment from a teenager!!

UASHMAMA: How/where did you first discover UASHMAMA? 


TANYA: Through Instagram. I remember coming across your beautiful paper bags and loving how versatile they were. I love that they are not only beautiful but sustainable products. We use ours as a place to store blankets; over planters for an effortlessly stylish vibe; smaller bags hold utensils - i love setting this on a casual summer table; we have also used them as fruit baskets on the counter.

UASHMAMA: To say all the rooms and spaces in your home are beautifully and intentionally designed is an understatement. Do you have a favorite room in your home? 


TANYA: That is tough. I spend most of my time in the kitchen so that is definitely one of them. Really close though, is our sunroom. I designed that space so that it feels like a cozy sweater the moment you walk in and fall onto the sofa. there is no better place to end the day.

UASHMAMA: Do you have a favorite UASHMAMA product?  


TANYA: Honestly, I LOVE all of the paper bags. you can use them for everything and anything - and i love stylish storage!! I always have my eye on new ones!

UASHMAMA: Tips for getting your kids involved in the kitchen? 


TANYA: Don't be afraid of the mess - because it will get messy!! I used to be afraid of the mess but one day I finally let go and haven't looked back. The joy they have when they are the ones creating is priceless. The times we spend in the kitchen together are truly the best times ... full of laughter, conversation...just really, really beautiful. They are my favorite. Life can get so busy so these moments with my kids are something I cherish more than I could ever express.

If you don't already, be sure to follow Tanya on Instagram at @houseofsixinteriors! And don't forget to tag us in your Instagram photos @uashmama.usa with #Uashmamastyle. We want to see YOUR Uashmama style!

Written by UASHMAMA Team

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