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The Benefits of Bergamot

The Benefits of Bergamot

This vibrant citrus fruit is packed full of benefits that are wide and varied!

A common ingredient found in most of UASHMAMA’s Body Collection, Bergamot regularly takes center stage. However, we’ve learned that a lot of people out there aren’t 100% certain what it is and beyond that, have no idea it is packed full of wonderful health benefits.

What is it? What is it good for?

Bergamot is a fragrant citrus fruit that grows primarily in southern Italy. It’s about the size and shape of an orange, with a yellow or green color like a lime, depending on how ripe it is. Researchers that have delved into the origins of fruits found it to be a probable hybrid of lemon and bitter orange. Like most citrus, bergamots are in season from October to March.

Can You Eat It?

Directly out of hand? No. Bergamot is extremely sour and therefore is rarely purely eaten out of hand due to its acidity. However, it is widely and vastly incorporated in cooking and baking where it can be combined with heat, sugar and other elements to add flavor. The zest is often used for flavor and fragrance in cakes and cocktails. Tea drinker? Earl Grey’s distinct flavor can be attributed to bergamot!

How Is It Used?

Mostly loved for its fragrant essential oil extracted from the skin of the fruit, it has an intense musk, meets floral, meets cistrusy aroma, regularly found in soaps, lotions, perfumes and teas.

Did You Say Health Benefits?

We sure did! Researchers have uncovered a treasure trove of health benefits. It’s sometimes referred to as having “superhero healing” benefits to the skin. Because it contains antiseptic properties, it can help kill bacteria and prevent infections, while helping cuts and bruises heal. It also has antioxidant properties that improve the speed of healing.  

Consuming bergamot extract has also been linked to lowering cholesterol. Bergamot is packed with polyphenols, a chemical found in many fruits and vegetables. These polyphenols remove free radicals, reduce inflammation, and prevent heart disease. Multiple clinical trials show using bergamot decreased bad cholesterol and improved good cholesterol.

Bergamot is also commonly found to help reduce anxiety. The citrusy fragrance combined with other essential oils can cause your mind, relax you and decrease stress. Who doesn’t want that!

From digestion to skin health to heart health, the benefits are wide and varied and the aroma is inviting and calming. Be sure to check out our line of soaps, oils and body products featuring this powerful and beautifully scented fruit!

**Note: The authors of this blog post are not medical professionals and do not recommend incorporating the use of bergamot oils for the purpose of treating medical issues without speaking to your doctor first.

Written by UASHMAMA Team

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